Format: Hardback
Extent: 48 pages
ISBN:  978-0-9572087-7-3
Cover illustration:  George Walkerdine
First published:  2018


“From the first line of the first poem in this beautiful collection, you will find yourself on a journey which will take you from the intensely personal to faraway places across the world … 

“Maggie, like all gifted writers, weaves a kind of magic to transform the quotidian into an insight into the human condition. Here is an irrepressible curiosity that is deeply inspiring. Maggie is holding out her hand as if to say ‘Look, look, and look again. There is always more to see and more to understand.’

“Be careful – these poems will intoxicate you with their courage, with their insight, but they will also move like crystals in the breeze, showing a different facet, a different reflection, for years to come.”

Tessa Biddington, winner of
the Bridport Poetry Prize and
Forward Prize for Poetry

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